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Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, Denver
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Amber will bring any face painting idea to life, fairy or scary, and will paint 10-20 faces/hr depending on the size of design. We use only the best water and aloe-based face paints, which can easily be removed with soap and water. Natural soap works well.

Airbrush tattoos by Jeff are vibrant, go on fast, are waterproof and smudge-proof and last up to a week. 500+ designs in any colors of the rainbow.

Boulder Face and Body Painting offers adults body painting. Full-service and fully-customized, we provide professional, fast application of masks, corsets, lingerie, logos, graffiti or head-to-toe body painting. We have all of the equipment necessary to apply with airbrush, sponge or brush and will travel to you.

Free Family Fun!

Darkness + Illumination + Long Shutter Exposure = Fun with Light Painting