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    During the Winter months, we love to travel internationally. The mountains of the Southern Yucatán peninsula Mexico and Guatemala are current favorites.


    Say, “CHEESE!”

    Life is fun.

    Our paint and equipment are gentle, safe and top of the line.

Life is Good.

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Face Painting  /  Body Painting  /  Airbrush Tattoos

Boulder, Longmont, Louisville, Broomfield, Denver

& Surrounding Front Range, Colorado

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Amber’s Body Painting with Brian and Nick Wolfe.

Chichen Itza, Yucatán, Mexico


Peten, Guatemala

San Pedro Volcano, Lake Atitlan Solola, Guatemala

Cairo, Egypt

    Born in 2004, our little man, Keaton, is the luckiest kid in the world. He is an old soul with a huge heart. Keaton is a child of the Earth and expresses concern over the trash and recycling problems in Mexico. He loves dogs, nature, swimming, bowling, riding his bike, reading time, cooking, music and learning about the world. We are very happy Keaton chose us to be his parents. :)


Amber Lee Allen  &  Jeff Allen

Professional Face & Body Artists / Owners

The Parthenon

Athens, Greece

The Great Wall

Beijing, China

Buddhist Temple

Busan, South Korea

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Hong Kong

Red Rocks

Morrison, Colorado


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